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January 2019

New Office Open! We are pleased to announce that as of January 2019, we now have a second office location in Barrack Heights. We trust that having a second office location in the southern suburbs will mean greater convenience for many of our clients. When making your appointment, simply specify which office location is your preference.

New office location:  54 Sunset Avenue, Barrack Heights (near PhotoMart).

Upcoming Dates & Events

2 April 2019

2019 Federal Budget due to be delivered

May 2019

Federal Election most likely to be held in May 2019

Small Business Entities | ATO Upcoming Due Dates

Charity News

Join us in October!

Last year, Mark, Brooke and some of our clients had the privilege of travelling to Cambodia to assist in building a house for a Cambodian family. Well, it’s happening again this year! If you’re interested in joining the 10 day tour, contact our office.




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